Railroad Logistics

The rail park is centrally located with close access to a major interstate highway and centered between 2 major metroplex areas.  It has all the things necessary to contribute to the success of anyone needing to transload bulk commodities from rail to other forms of transportation.

Track Specifications:

  • Existing rail of approximately 33,560 feet of track, which includes a 10,900 foot loop.
  • A “Wye” configuration off of the BNSF Main Line allowing for entrance or exit in either direction.
  • The Main Line turnouts are remote actuated power turnouts that allow for easy entry/exit into and out of the facility.
  • At present, most unit trains consist of 120 to 135 cars with some select trains of 150 cars.  This loop can accommodate any of these configurations.
  • The Company is presently designing a manifest track layout.
  • The outer loop has been designed into the facility for future expansion and all grading and sub ballast has been installed during the construction of the first loop.
  • The property inside of the loop as well as the surrounding land is fairly flat and can easily accommodate any type of facility to load or unload commodities. These facilities can be incorporated into the rail park design.
  • Mutilple rail options have been designed to accomodate transload and manifest opportunities.